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Project Protection! Account of opportunities!

Friends, unfortunately we are forced to report that a serious failure occurred in the project, almost all the players suffered. We could not resist the attackers who gained access to the project’s wallets.

To save the project and fulfill obligations to the players, we introduced an account of opportunities. We continue to make payments to players, but we had to reduce their number and deal with security in the work of our game. We ask you to be patient, do not rush to write the project in scam and wait for new updates! Thank you for your understanding!

25.06.2020 22:36

Two-factor authorization! +10% for all replenishment!

Dear miners, in recent days we have fixed a lot of bugs in various sections of the project! Thank you for helping make the game even better!

To protect your accounts, we created two-factor authorization, you can configure it in the "Settings" section.

Many bugs in the game did not allow our players to earn enough, so by popular demand, we extend the promotion +10% for 3 days! Hurry up to take advantage of the action in the project!

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18.06.2020 16:19

We are 100 days old! Super promotion +10% for 48 hours!

Dear miners, we are pleased to inform you that the CryptoMineGame project has been running for more than 100 days. And this is just the beginning, in the coming days the game will announce its own cryptocurrency!

Attention! In honor of 100 days of the project, we are launching a unique promotion, +10% for all replenishment in the next 48 hours

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14.06.2020 20:01

Opening the BlackMiners section!

Dear miners, we congratulate you on the long-awaited opening of the BlackMiners section.

Unlimited earning opportunities open up for players joining the ranks of BlackMiners. The number of BlackMiners communities is limited to 50, so hurry up create your own community. For all players who bought their own community in advance, we give weapons for 0.00500000 BTC. About all the features of the new section, read the section "BlackMiners".

In honor of the opening of a new section, the promotion for replenishment +7% will last 48 hours. Thank you for the attention!

10.06.2020 20:55

The results of the replenishment contest! Promotion +5% 48 hours

Friends, we are pleased to take stock of the "Replenishment Competition". The most successful was the player with the nickname "Philguy". The results of the contest and prizes you can see in the section "Competition replenishment".

The project continues its active development in the coming days new sections will be launched in the game.

In honor of summing up the results of the contest, as well as new updates, we give all players +5% for 48 hours replenishment! Thanks for choosing CryptoMineGame!

06.06.2020 17:59